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Download Skins

Skins Hivetastic – For 1990s New Generation era mods The Golden Age 1987 – For use with the Golden Age 1987 Mod Montreal Aftermath – For Attitude Era Mods Montreal Aftermath (WWF) – For Attitude Era Mods (contains WWF screens) Montreal Aftermath (WCW) – For Attitude Era Mods (contains WCW screens) Montreal Aftermath (ECW) – […]

Download Picture Packs

Picture Packs mSp – For use with 1980, 1985, 1987, 1997, 1998, 2001 mods nGo – For use with 1991, 1992, 1994, 1995 mods (via GDS) DoA – Picture Pack for 1985 mod DoA – Picture Pack for 1996 Dawn of Attitude mod SAMPP – Super Awesome Modern Picture Pack, a general picture pack you can […]

Download Mods

Historical Mods 1980: The Big Bang 1985 1987: The Golden Age 1991: Rising Storms 1992: Eye of the Storm 1994: Clash of the Titans 1995: War of the Worlds 1996: Dawn of Attitude 1997 (November): Montreal Prelude 1997 (December): Montreal Aftermath 1998: The Art of War 2001 (January): New Blood 2001 (April): Death of WCW […]

Mod Installer

If you have issues with installing mods then we’d very much recommend our Mod Installer. You can choose mods, picture packs and skins to directly download and it will download and install them automatically for you. When you start TEW2016, the mods will be installed.   System Requirements:  TEW2016 installed. An Internet Connection is required […]